How do I integrate with RTA Fleet Management Software?

Xerifleet integrates directly with RTA Fleet Management Software better than any other eDVIR application.

The integration supports:

  • Vehicle sync from RTA to Xerifleet
  • Vehicle status sync from RTA to Xerifleet
  • Issue sync from Xerifleet to RTA Driver Reports Module
  • Issue status sync from RTA Driver Reports to Xerifleet

For details on how to set up the integration see the RTA integration guide or watch the webinar below:

The diagram below shows the integration points.


RTA Integration Points

  1. The RTA Administrator selects which vehicles to sync to Xerifleet. These vehicles are copied and continuously updated as vehicle details change in RTA. **Vehicle Status** is also synced from RTA.
  2. A driver performs an inspection on a vehicle from RTA.
  3. The inspection can potentially generate one or more issues.
  4. All issues are automatically pushed into the RTA Driver Reports Module.
  5. A shop supervisor or manager will review the issues in RTA Driver Reports and either reject them or create an RTA Work Order. Rejected issues are automatically sent back to Xerifleet.
  6. As Work Orders are closed, the status of the reported issue is updated in Driver Reports.
  7. Driver Reports sends the closed issues back to Xerifleet and marks them as resolved.

For details on how to set up the integration see the RTA integration guide.